Available Sponsorships


This league is done during the winter months at The Edge. Typically it’s about 5 weekends between November – January - $300/for length of league – 3 available; business name/logo will be on Edge web site page as a link that has information & registration for league, business can put out flyers with information about their business at the Edge during the length of the tournament, Business can put up signs at our 3v3 league.


Business logo will go on sleeve of edge shirt all players wear to training every week. Players also wear this shirt to school, social events, etc so will also get publicity every place they wear it.

- 2 available
(one will go on right sleeve and one will go on left sleeve).

*All sponsorships will include company business logo on Edge web site and link to business web site.

*All sponsorships will be for the 2018 year which runs from January 1, 2018 – December 31, 2018 unless for a specific event such as a tournament which is for a specified period of time for that specific event.

*We are also open to discussing any other type of sponsorship that a business would like to do. We can also discuss doing a promotional item to be give away to Edge families as part of a business’ sponsorship.

Terms and Conditions

The Edge Soccer Programs, LLC (“Edge”) reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to approve, accept or reject any proposed person or business desiring to purchase such sponsorship opportunities for any reason, including without limitation, appropriateness of business, consistency with Edge mission or competitors of Edge. Edge reserves the right to review and approve of any desired logo, insignia or emblem prior to installation on Edge property. Edge further reserves the right to immediately and without notice terminate this agreement and remove any sponsor name, logo, or other insignia during the course of the year for any reason in Edge’s sole discretion and refund a pro rata portion of any annual payments made to Edge under the sponsorship agreement.