10 month Training Placement

Our 10-month training program moves beyond the fundamentals of soccer. In this program, players train with us 1 night per week and each session is 1 hour and 15 minutes long. Players work on agility, technical training, and scrimmage among the players in their group every week to incorporate what they're learning into game situations. This program moves beyond the fundamentals of soccer and our coaches provide a pathway to advance the skills, creativity, strength, and agility of players to allow them to excel within their club teams.

Our 10-month program runs from August-May

Cost: $25 per player for the placement fee

Once a player is evaluated and invited to join our 10-month program, there is a $145 registration fee + first month's training fee of $85. This fee will be due as soon as a player is invited to join the program. The monthly training fee of $85 will then be for the remaining months of the program.

Contact Karen@edgeprograms.com or 984-439-0999 for questions or more information.

The placement schedule is below. If you miss the week that we have placements, please contact Karen to set up a day/time for your child to be evaluated.

Monday, April 27:
5:00pm - birth years 2014-2012
6:00pm - birth years 2011 - 2009

Tuesday, April 28:
5:00pm - birth years 2011 - 2010
6:00pm - birth years 2011 - 2010
7:00pm - birth years 2006 - 2003

Wednesday, April 29:
5:00pm - birth years 2011 - 2009
6:00pm - birth years 2007 - 2008
7:00pm - birth years 2014 - 2012

Thursday, April 30:
5:00pm - birth years 2007 - 2009
6:00pm - birth years 2007 - 2009
7:00pm - birth years 2006 - 2003

Friday, May 1:
6:00pm - birth years 2006 - 2003

New Policy
Effective March 20, Edge Soccer Programs implemented a new registration software & process. We have had to implement this so that we can accurately staff our programs, know who is attending, and limit the last minute cancellations/changes. Important notes:
• All registrations must be done online.
• There is now a 48 hour cancellation policy. If you need to cancel your child for something, if you do it before 48 hours of the class you registered them for you can go into your online account and cancel them or move them to a different day. If you cancel you’ll be issued a credit on your account that you can use later. If you move them it will just transfer.
• If you cancel with less than 48 hours notice, you can cancel but will not be issued a refund or allowed to do a makeup.
• No Refunds are issued after payments are processed.
• Parents are responsible for ensuring the accuracy of their child’s registration – including the day(s) they register their child for.