Position Specific Training

Edge is excited to offer our Position Specific Training Program for birth years 2010 - 2004 This program is for strikers/wingers/attacking midfielders and defenders/holding midfielders and will help you really gain an understanding of what to do and how to play on the field. It's also a good way to get ready for your outdoor soccer team to start!

Coaches for this program are: Brian Shriver & DJ Taylor. You can read more about each of them below.

Players will work in their position specific groups for 30 minutes and then all come together for the last 30 minutes to put what they learned into game situations.

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Striker/Winger/Attacking Mid Group Focus - In our Striker/Winger/Attacking Mid specific sessions we will work on positioning, first touch, combinations, and finishing. Positioning in and around the box to give the players the best opportunity to score goals. The first touch will focus on setting the players up to get our shots off quickly. Combinations will focus on quick, close quarter combos to unbalance the defense. And Finishing will consist of focusing on technique and choosing the shot type for different situations. Get better in and around the box will these attacking player specific session. Coach: Brian Shriver

Defender/Holding Mid Group Focus - In our defending specific sessions we will work on defensive positioning, footwork, first touch, reading the opponent, timing and tackling, closing down space and dribbling and passing out of pressure. Defensive positioning to keep defenders balanced and composed to time their tackle. First touch to dribble or set up a pass out of pressure. Reading the opponent by assessing their strong and weak foot. Timing and tackling based on actions of the game such as a bad first touch or slow pass. Closing down space to initiate 1v1 duels and how to use the space and sidelines as an extra defender. Lastly, winning the ball and recognizing outlets to play out of pressure or to recognize space to dribble out of pressure. Coach: DJ Taylor

Cost: $40 per player

Sunday, July 14:
2:30pm - 3:30pm - birth years 2010/2009/2008
3:30pm - 4:30pm - birth years 2004/2005/2006/2007


Coaches for this program are below along with their bios: