WINTER6 Sports Performance Training: Brier Creek

Winter training at it's best! Maximize your athletic performance for whatever sport you play and gain your EDGE! Speed, agility, power, acceleration, strength, core, plyometrics and SO much more! This is a 6 week session in which players participate in various activities, skills, exercises to focus on improving their athletic performance. Players will be tested on the first day to get a baseline of their abilities and then re-tested on the last day to see how they've improved and it which areas.

For boys and girls, birth years 2010-2002

Days Offered
Saturdays at 10am & 11am
Sundays at 9am, 10am, & 11am
You pick the days & times that best fit your schedule

$35 per day or $180 for the whole 6 weeks
(6 dates total that they would pick online at time of registration)

*Testing will only be offered on the first weekend and last weekend; no other days will be offered