Sports Performance Training

Ages 10-17

Elevate your performance in whatever sport you play! Maximize your athletic performance and gain your EDGE!

Our performance training program helps athletes maximize their athletic performance and potential in a small group setting. Training days are offered during the week and on the weekend – pick the day(s) that best fit your schedule. We recommend comfortable clothes, running shoes, cleats, indoor soccer shoes, and plenty of water/sports drinks.

This year, Edge will offer two programs for our performance training program - one In Season and one Pre-Season. Anyone and any athlete participating in any sport can participate.

In our first program we’ve partnered with Angie Reckendorf, owner of Three Keys Performance, and she and her staff will run our October and November programs. For more information on Angie, please see her bio on our team page.

Our October and November in season program, will focus on Foundations of Performance that aims to:
• Decrease the risk of injury during in-season training
• Correct muscle imbalances by focusing on stabilization endurance training which will correct any underactive/overactive muscles that may cause postural inefficiencies which can lead to a decrease in overall performance
• Improve neuromuscular connection and efficiency (improve mind/body connection)
• Improve core strength and balance abilities
• Teach athletes proper preparation for sessions and recover for sessions & games
• This program is not meant to be overly strenuous on the athlete and can be performed the day before a game without compromising the effectiveness of the player in the game. Rather every session is geared to fill in the gaps that are inevitable in their current training regimen. The goal of this program is injury prevention and to prepare the athlete’s physiological structure to be exposed to higher demanding movements and training programs without compromising the safety of the athlete.
• Since this is a progressive program the October session will be 4 weeks and the November session will be 4 weeks. This program will be offered on Fridays at 5pm and 6pm. Each time slot will be limited to 5 players so reserve your spot early to make sure you get it!
Ages: 10 – 17
Cost: $180 per player for the 4-week session
Days Offered: Fridays at 5pm and 6pm

Our December – February Pre-Season Program, will focus on speed, agility, power, acceleration, strength, core stability and strength, body weight exercises, plyometrics, flexibility, and injury prevention. Edge’s December – February program will be led by Evan Paussa with Angie Reckendorf assisting. Get your player ready for the Spring season!
• This program will be offered on Mondays at 4pm, Wednesdays at 4pm, Saturdays at 10am
• This program will begin the week of November 30 and go through week of Feb 1
• Register for the day or days that best fit your schedule – no set required number of days
Ages: 10 – 17
Cost: $30 per player per day
Days Offered: Mondays & Wednesdays 4pm and Saturdays 10am
• Limited to 8 players per time slot per day
• The main difference in this program is the level of intensity of the workout compared to the Oct/Nov program