Strength & Conditioning and
Injury Prevention/Return to Play Programming
For All Sports & Athletes

Ages 10-17

Elevate your performance in whatever sport you play! Maximize your athletic performance and gain your EDGE!


We are excited to offer 2 branches of our Performance Training Program - the Strength & Conditioning Side and the Injury Prevention/Return to Play Programming side! Information about both is below. Both are important for creating well rounded athletes & maximizing their potential.
Performance Training - Strength & Conditioning:
Our performance training program helps athletes maximize their athletic performance and potential in a small group setting. It's strength and conditioning for ALL sports! Improve sports performance, increase speed, power, and strength while preventing injuries. Gain your EDGE!

Edge has partnered with Erin Bratcher, owner of EB Athletics, to bring you a phenomenal performance training program. This program is strength and conditioning for ALL sports & athletes; We'll improve sports performance, increase speed, power, and strength while preventing injuries. Players will focus on speed, agility, power, acceleration, strength, joint stability and strength, force production, sport specific strength training, plyometrics, flexibility, and injury prevention.

For our Performance Training Program, the days are offered during the week and on the weekend – pick the day(s) that best fit your schedule. We recommend comfortable clothes, running shoes, cleats, indoor soccer shoes, and plenty of water/sports drinks.
• This program will be offered on Wednesdays at 5:30pm and Saturdays at 10:00am
• Our SUMMER program begins June 15 and goes the through July 30, 2022
• Register for the day or days that best fit your schedule – no set required number of days
Ages: 10 – 17
Cost: $30 per player per day
Days Offered: Wednesdays 5:30pm and Saturdays 10:00am
• Limited to 6 players per time slot per day

Injury Prevention/Return to Play Programming: In addition to partnering with Erin at EB Athletics, we've also partnered with Wake Orthopaedics to offer injury prevention/return to play programming. Erin will work closely with Physical Therapist, Luke Hudson to provide assessments/screenings and return to play programming if your player has been injured. This program follows an injury screening performed by Physical Therapist, Luke Hudson at Wake Ortho. After assessing athletes and pinpointing risk factors for individual athletes, this program provides an opportunity for the athlete to work with a Strength & Conditioning Specialist to design a program to aid in the prevention of injuries. If an athlete has already been injured and participated in physical therapy, this program can serve as an extension of their physical therapy as they work towards a full return to sports and clearance for contact activity.
* Screenings/Assessments are scheduled for a day/time that works for all parties. Please contact Edge to schedule.
* Once a plan has been put into place based on the screening/assessment or based on return to play protocol provided by Wake Ortho, Erin will work with that player to put a plan into place for classes.