Wilmington Youth and Adult Leagues

Winter Leagues

Play soccer with us this winter! Join us for the winter league and see how your team does against others!
See how your team does against the others in our Winter League! Games start Jan 2!

Games Day/Time:
Youth games (6 game season)
Wednesdays between 5:00pm - 9:00pm

Adult games (8 game season)
Mon, Tue, Wed, or Thu nights between 7:30pm - 12:00am

$350 per team (Youth)
$400 per team (Adult)

Youth - birth years 2011 - 2000
Adult ages 19 and up

5v5 plus goalies; 12 total players on the field/8 game season - no makeups
Two 25 minute halves

all players must wear designated team jersey or same color shirt ( each team must have an home and away kit)
all players must wear shin guards
kick in for all out of bounds balls ( you may not score from a kick In)
corner kicks ( you may score direct)
all free kicks are direct ( defensive team must be 3 yards away)
no sliding
goalie may pick ball up from back pass
2 line rule ( ball may not travel in air across both lines) results in free kick for other team.
subs happen on the fly
3 pt = W 1 pt= T 0 pts = L
Home team provides match ball