Wilmington 6

This is a supplemental program that complements a player's outdoor team training and provides a pathway to advance the skills, creativity, strength & agility of a player allowing them to excel within their outdoor team. Each session is 1 hour long and starts out with an agility warm up, then moves into a technical training piece in which the sessions will have game like touches and movements with the ball, and ends with a scrimmage among the players in the group so that they can incorporate what they're learning into game situations.

Cost: $150

Length: 6 weeks

Time Frame:
Starts week of February 4 and goes until week of Week of March 11, 2019 (Pick your child's training day on the registration form below).

Days/Times Offered: this should be a drop down box like in the Winter 2 form where parents pick the day/time/group their child will attend.

5:00pm - birth years 2012/2011
6:00pm - birth years 2009/2010
7:00pm - birth years 04/03/02

5:00pm - birth years 2009/2010
6:00pm - birth years 2008/07
7:00pm - birth years 2006/05

5:00pm - 2012/2011
6:00pm - 2009/2010
7:00pm - birth years 04/03/02

5:00pm - birth years 06/05
6:00pm - birth years 08/07